12 Months From The Redwood Curtain
12 Months From The Redwood Curtain: July
12 Months From The Redwood Curtain" is a 12 part project. We will be producing one section each month for the next year to share the flavor of rural northern California's backwoods.

Happy Trails

Happy Trails - After too long in the hard drive vault, found the time to upload this one into the public domain.  An intimate documentary of a little pump track that made a big impact.

12 Months From The Redwood Curtain July

Part 7: First Person Shooter.  July has just been too nice to be behind the camera filming, opted to stay on the bike as much as possible. The result is a 12 Months issue comprised entirely of excerpts from many many helmet cam runs I compiled the last two months. Though I undertook this month's theme to save time, few things are more tedious than sifting through multiple helmet cam runs trying to make something vaguely watchable. The result is, I think, vaguely watchable. So enjoy the ride along for 4 secret trails in seven minutes, the only type of first person shooter worth playing.


12 Months From The Redwood Curtain

Part 6: The only constant in life is change. Sadly here in the Pacific Northwest change often manifests itself in the destruction of a beloved trail. This June we discovered that half our one of our favorite trails, "Lopes", had already been logged and was going fast. We came back that weekend with the camera and a fervor to get the most out of what remained. This is not The Greatest Video in the World, no, this is just a tribute.This section is a tribute and a documentation of a wonderful and ancient trail. Creating this piece has eased the passing tremendously, however the logging continues. Let us all do our part to fight for, enjoy, share and preserve our magical wilderness areas.


12 Months From The Redwood Curtain

Part 5: May. School's out for the summer, and that meant it was time to get outta dodge for a few days. Wandered down to a place where the trails are finer, to shake off some of the rust accumulated whilst riding too much road this winter. Found ourselves in Pacifica, USA with a few days to play and explore the fantastic terrain the well known Montero Mountain has to offer. Though we exhausted ourselves trying, crushed one wheel and contracted a little poison oak we couldn't touch everything on the well endowed mountain, but survived to share the trails. Enjoy scenes from the only place foggier than home Humboldt County, P-Town. Featuring native P-Town shredder Amir Mendel.


12 Months From The Redwood Curtain

Part 4: April. Between April showers and school finals this month slipped right through our fingers. Amidst the cramming out of assignments we tried our best to cram out a worthy video section. What resulted was less substantial than hoped; drained camera batteries and rusty skills meant our one outing into the forest was a brief one, but it planted seeds for some better shoots to come. Enjoy the brief, different, and slightly humiliating Project Lockitup Part 1.


12 Months From The Redwood Curtain

Part 3: March, was a month consumed by planning and executing the Humboldt State University Road Race through the HSU Cycling Club. Months of planning culminated in three hectic days of execution as we faced the elements, sleep deprivation and the limits of our physical endurance on and off the bike. Amidst event directing I found some time to capture some images of the festivities. Take a gander at some of what comprised HSU's second Humboldt Road Race.


12 Months From The Redwood Curtain

Part 2: February, life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Even with the leap year gifting us an extra day we still couldn't quite get part 2 out by the 1st. This month's segment remained a mystery until the last few days of February when we were able to swing a trip down to San Francisco to take in the opening of the new rideSFO and Bicycle Fabrications store front. Awesome party with good people, here we bring you some of the sights and sounds of the weekend in the City by the Bay. February

Delong Sunnybrae

12 Months From The Redwood Curtain

Part 1: January, celebrates the turning point of winter as we prepare for longer days and warmer ways in the months to come. 


Angelfire helmet Cam

Crash Collection - Collegiate National Championships at Angelfire

Montage of the hardships we faced practicing and racing the 2011 Collegiate National DH Championship at Angelfire resort in New Mexico

Air DH

Legendary Crankworx Air DH.  The world's mot ridden trail, over one hundred features, one potatoe gun, and way too much ass made for one hell of a race.  Sample the hijinx of Whistler's Air DH.


Crankworx Canadian Open Hecklers Rock

Crankworx Canadian Open DH Was Burly.  Video barely shows the continuous intensity of track, but here's an DH taste of the wet and wild action.

Let It Run

crankworx slalom

The first of several sick edits from PirateDH's visit to Crankworx 2011 at Whistler Bike Park, British Columbia.  Been wet and root ravaged, finding solace in peaceful editing.  See the action from the 2011 Pro Slalom.  Comprehensive and available in HD, enjoy.

Catch Me If You Can

sohum shootout

Upcoming Ride - March 26th

Sohum Shoot Out

RSVP to for details

Meet Jackson Goldstone, RunBiker Extraordinaire.  Best cycling video I have seen this year.  Records are made to be broken, the future of shredding is now, except for now they are RunBiking.



Whilst the U.S. Open took place in one of the original 16 states Humboldt County had its own Grand Championship, the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race.  Expose yourself to some B grade low res observance of the 2010 event.

U.S. Open

What A U.S. Open... Ropelato Crashes and Still takes Second In Giant Slalom, Hannah Qualifies Fastest In DH only to flat out, Trek World Racing dominates the race favorites.  Take a giant slalom course walk here and check out some grimy gritty cellular pickies from team Pirate.

U.S. Open

Apparently this jump formation at the bottom the U.S. Open Giant Slalom Course has already sent a few riders to the hospital.  A funky "step on step off" that looks impossible to roll at speed.


U.S. Open of Mountain Biking

Vernon New Jersey May 28th-30th

Chair Lift Pic

HSU Cycling

HSU Cycling Team Blog

Keep up on the escapades of your Humboldt State University Cycling Team.  Road season is about to kick off and the team is heading down to UC Davis for race one.  Results, picks, and stories from the road posted HERE

BIKE SHOP LIFE Check out this original flick, by an expert bike hand, about the trials and tribulations of servicing the simple yet scintillating bicycle...  CLICK HERE
Tish Tang Group SuperD Dec. 19 DH and Super D Results.... CLICK HERE

pirate gear

Any Pirates on your holiday list?

Pirate D.H. Ten Year Anniversary Zip Hoodies and T Shirts now available.  Featuring original art by Julian Demark, these comfy garments are in limited quantities commemorating ten years of "Righteous Combat".

Soft Goods

Epic Photo, Worth A Clcik...  don't be that guy, torque your foot nuts.

epic crash

Bog Stomp

Bog Stomp



October 24th





flag man

U.S. Open Day 3 Motion part 1

Took a minute, but here is Diablo Practice footage.  So much footage on this day I couldn't yet throw enough away for a single part, so check back for the exciting conclusion in  few days.

gee atherton

U.S. Open Day 3 Stills

Check out the champs and the tramps...

Principle Photography By Joel Graves, Secondary By Sean Graves

U.S. Open Sam Hill

U.S. Open Day 3

By now you may know the RESULTS.  You may have heard stories.  But unless you were there in the JBL rock garden you otoshave no idea the epic conditions and courage that were exhibited.  Hard at work on he final video section.  You won't be dissappointed... Stay Tuned

U.S. Open

U.S. Open Day 2

Exclusive Video from PirateDH of Pro DH practice , Pro DH Qualifying, and Pro Giant Slalom FInals.  Day two everybodys getting up to speed and ready to throw down for the money.

U.S Open

U.S. Open Day 1

Exclusive Video from PirateDH of Pro DH practice and Pro SLalom Qualifying, from one of the toughest, and most hotly contested races in America.

Big Ups to Junior Pirate rider Austin Hoeft for throwing down a commanding victory at the 2009 Ashland Apring Thaw.  Austin won the Cat 2 Junior Men 15-18 by almost 19 seconds.  A time that would have put him second in Cat1 Junior and placed him 24th overall out of 176 competitors.


Kings Range Ride:  My sincere apologies, sickness and car trouble kept me from making it down this weekend.  For those who did get down you're awesome and I owe you all for your Proud Piracy.  Sometimes these things just don't work out.  But I will live to fight another day.  Cheers
Kings Range

An already brilliant trail recently added to our Nor-Cal collection, now has an even brighter future.  "Mountain bikers are buzzing about a $600,000 federal funding appropriation to expand Paradise Royale, a purpose-built mountain bike trail in California's King Range National Conservation Area (NCA)."   Read Article

While we on the north coast are whining about riding in the rain, muck, and mire our two wheeled family in the Mid West are happy to shred a little Pow Pow.  Pirate Patriot Jed Olson, leading at left, hooked up coverage of this sick "boardercross" event from back home in Wisconsin.  Many big names came out, like Greg Herbold, who he bested in this round.  Click Over for the full pow pow album.

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mountain cross
More SoHum Coverage, This Time Pictures In Motion.  Part of the ominous GP3 Project.  Thanks To Iris Video It Is Coming.
Ride Monkey Cycle Cross
Attended the Cyclo Cross finals last weekend in Doyle Park, Santa Rosa.  Run by the primates at RideMonkey this was my first "real" cross race, had a great time, and very impressed with the events organization.  Snapped some photos on my new $8 Walgreens film camera, a great deal considering they include free film for life...
Here it is, a wonderfully reptitive album of this February's SoHum Session.  It may take a bit to load, so be patient, but the sequences had to be preservedThe day was perfect, great weather, good company, lots of air, and plenty of Photos.
bogg stomp

A Few Pics From December 13th's Bogg Stomp

Photos By: Guy Smith

Watch Arcata shredder Troy Conzleman in action.

Often Brakeless, Always Throwin It.  ROLL IT

Humboldt County Stomach Churn Gallery

December 6th, 2008

Courtesy Peter Geren

Pirate Ride Album
Here it is.  Some Muddy coverage of this Fall's first humble Pirate Rides.  This is how we train.  In the deep, dark, muddy woods.  Thanks to Rowan Gratz for a few shots at Ride 2.  Check it out.  A Thousand Words.
One month late, but better than never.  Heres a gallery with shots from October 19th's La Grange Fall Claccic in Weaverville, CA.  Thanks to Jim Graves for the shots.  Enjoy.  RESULTS

PirateRide . November 1st . Homey Loamy


Rider Profile:  Noah Hanagan is joining the Pirate squad for 2008.  Here is a little background on the junior all mountain prospect.

A Great Loss
On the morning of February 25th Steve Delay, creator of SWD Racing passed away.
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See Steve's Bikes In Action

Photos of The Annual
Stomach Chur
n Cyclocross Sufferfest

We didn't think so, you probably didn't think so.  But here it comes just a rollin with the punches.

Fresh Media
From The Southern Humboldt Shootout

Photo Album


On the Cover: Digital illustration by Lynn Jones
from a photo courtesy of Justin Graves.

SOMEWHERE, IN SOMEONE'S BACKYARD, OR MAYBE DOWN AT THE SKATE PARK, AS YOU READ THIS, some big grown-up man is launching his armored body through the air on a nifty bundle of rubber and spokes and then thudding victoriously to the hard, hard ground. Maybe he'll swoop the bicycle around for another go at that jump, that downhill high-speed heart-drop or those courthouse steps and banisters...
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