Winter Pirate Ride Series

Date Ride
November 1st
Homey Loamy DH   Info
Kneeland, CA

So Hum ShootOut
South Of Garberville, CA




It will play out as such:  We are pirates, without permission or support.  Lone rangers of the mountain, drifting from port to port gathering riches and having a good time. 

  • All events are RIDES not RACES.  To clarrify this means we have no insurance and except no liability for the speeds that riders may attain.  Rides are all free of charge, we accept no entry fees therefore we do not promise to provide more then a venue for friendly competition. 
  • Each of the above dates is part of the Winter Pirate Series.  At the end of all things an overall champ will rise above the rest and be crowned undisputed mobbing champion of the Nor Cal realm.  Finishing points compiling from event to event something like a stage race.  We will have prizes for overall placing.
  • Overall award will be calculated with one event drop.
  • Classes will be few, division for the sexes and age groups, that's all.  We will accomadate a hardtail class for those who want to flex their rigid muscles along with big bike stomping, and some events will have seperation for A's riders and B's riders. 
  • Shuttiling is very casual and will be volunteer run.  Any dedicated shuttlers will receive due compensation in exchange for their contribution.
  • There will be official practice/digging days before each event.  We will be out working and would love to see any and all riding or lending labor to marking and preparing the courses.
  • Finally any and all volunteer support will be welcomed, these events couldn't happen without a little giving so please let me know if you will be available to help.