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This Is Australia
SLD Productions By: Sam Davies
Distributed By V.A.S.
  "This Is Australia" - A fresh film by Sam Davies gives a demystifying look into the lives, trials, and training of Australia's best riders.  The film gives a balanced  portrayal of the difficulties encountered by elite riders, as well as illuminating the resource, work, and providence required to survive at the sports highest level.
Highlighting Australia's rippers from the young and generously supported Rhys Willemse about to tackle the world cup circuit with parental support, to the veteran Ben Cory who had to pass on his 2008 World Championship selection because he could not get a bike in time.  The film illuminates the difficulty of maintaining a professional career through the many sincere and exposing interviews.  The pace of the film is not a ripping one, but the content justifies a watch.  Cinematically the riding is shot well and with a unique flavor to each section.  High quality video is complimented by some simply innovative editing.  As a whole the film reveals downhill for the difficult and driving passion that it is for racers, who will give it all up to race in a world where sponsorship is an illusion.  Any rider will be surprised to hear some of the planets fastest racers describe the difficulties of keeping "a ride", yet walk away inspired and motivated by the commitment exhibited in the film.  riders include Nathan Rennie, Jared Graves, Chris Kovarik, Jared Rando, Amiel Cavalier, Ben Cory, Sam Hill, Mitch Delfs, Rhys Willemise, Joel Bain, Shaun O'Conner and more.
4.5 out of 5 (if your a race head)
3 out of 5 (if your not)
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Sea Otter 2007 Men's Pro DH Finals
This isn't the half of it, but a taster of what is to come...

Downhill Speed

Starting off the new Video Corner with mention of this film, "Downhill Speed" by Ryan Cleek of Manual Productions.  Have selected this project because it has been out for over a 3 years and, despite my immediate intrigue at the documentary format and intimate look at DH racing, I have yet to see it or speak to anyone who has...  Perhaps the most interesting part of this film is its close documenation of Johnny Waddell shortly before his career changing crash at the Mont St. Anne World Cup in 2003.  For more info and your chance to order visit

Manual Productions